And a Few Other Christmas Song Awards

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In the words below I will make some readers very angry. Yet there will be other who will read the very same words and giggle in agreement. That’s just the way discussions about the best of the worst Christmas songs go.

I don’t feel any need to prolong the intro for sharing my correct opinions with you. Let’s get started, shall we?

In fact, let’s just start with the overall winner…

The “This Song Must Be Played at Least Twice an Hour” Award

All I Want For Christmas Is You — This Mariah…

…Idiots Like Me.

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I’m a tech idiot.

100% ID-10T. I own it.

I often feel guilty for this. As if it’s my problem that I see the world differently. I feel embarrassment to the edge of shame for not understanding what I know is pretty easy stuff for so many people.

I’ve tried to get better. I promise.

Yesterday I posted a picture and link to Instagram. I tagged some people in it hoping for a bit of interaction. Then I realized I’d posted it to the wrong account. …

Reflections on July 4, 2020

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I’m on a bucket-list trip with my wife and kids. We’re traveling across the country for two weeks in a rented RV. We’re having a blast.

But I’m also feeling somber. This trip has given me much to think about.

We had to pick up the RV in a town in Virginia that wasn’t far from where my grandmother was raised and my mother spent her summers when she was very small. This part of Virginia was as southern as they get back during the Civil War, and I’m not sure much has changed there.

When I was growing up…

This is How I Face My Fears

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“What is it they’re trying to accomplish?” He asked, pointing at the television screen. CNN was showing video footage of the George Floyd protests. The look of disdain on his face let me know he assumed I had similar levels of cynicism.

I did not.

I collected my thoughts, took a deep breath, mustered up some courage and began to have a conversation.

“Well,” I began, “I think that if I were black…” …and the conversation began.

Let me start by saying it is upon us white people to lead the way to…

Life Lessons with COVID-19: Lesson 3

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(This is a series of lessons I’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2)

Jonathan was scared. Perhaps even terrified — the way one might be when staring death in the face.

Several days earlier he had been diagnosed with COVID-19, a not-unexpected occurrence being married to a nurse who had been battling on the front lines of the pandemic for some time. She was the first to be diagnosed, on April 22. Jonathan was tested the same day, and by May 1, everyone in the household, including his son and mother, had tested positive. …

Seriously. …Adam Sandler.

I’m at war.

I didn’t know it at the time, but as I sat there in the dark of the evening, staring at the dashboard of my truck I was about to fire a shot across the bow of the USSDoubtcaster. It was about 9pm. I was tired, disappointed I hadn’t written anything that day, and really feeling defeated. I pulled out my phone and texted my cousin. He’s a writer too, and I knew he’d be able to understand where I was coming from.

…Crippling self-doubt tonight…

That’s all my text said. Just sending it made…

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Lessons With Covid-19, Part 2

25 years.


Well, perhaps that’s being a bit dramatic. I didn’t waste 25 years of my life (and I definitely did not spend those years wasted.) But, by making the very unscientific estimation that professional “writers” hone in on their passion during their high school or college years, I’d say that I’ve missed out on 25 or so years of my writing career. I was doing other things. I did make a living during that time, so perhaps not choosing writing way back then saved me some years of financial hardship.

Now that I’ve committed to being a writer…

COVID-19 has forced me to spend more time with my family. What could possibly be better? Photo Credit: Pexels

Lesson 1: The “Stay-at-Home” Joke — My Life Has Never Been Easier, and That’s What I Find Uncomfortable.

(Click Here for Part 2.)

Hey, John Krasinski…I have Some Good News for you!

COVID-19 has made my life so much easier.

At the writing of this piece, I only personally know two people who have been diagnosed with the virus. I’d consider both of them friendly acquaintances, but not close friends. To this point, one has yet to be hospitalized, and the other was hospitalized for 4 days before going home. This is the extent of how COVID has negatively affected me.

From what I’ve read and heard, experiencing…

Unwritten Rules for Caring About Your Audience

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  • It’s great to know big words. It’s not always helpful to use them.
  • Make sure your strong language retains its strength.

The next 50 years of my life were dependent upon the word choices I was making on that day back in 2002. I was working on my application essay to the Graduate School of Education at Penn State University and the pressure was on.

Staring at the black letters on the white computer screen, the cursor seemed to be blinking at me as my mother used to when she asked me to choose whether I wanted to…

You Hold the Key

Photo by Islam Hassan on Unsplash

The embarrassment I was experiencing brought beads of sweat to my forehead. I was looking at a picture my mother recently posted to Facebook of the family celebrating my niece’s birthday at an amusement park. There I was sitting crisscross-applesauce on the grass eating my lunch. I was all slouched over with terrible back posture, looking back over my right shoulder to face the camera. Hanging from my mouth was the plastic spoon from which I was sucking off every last gooey bit of peanut butter. …

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